New Album ::Isolation Sessions:: Volume I

April 19, 2021 

Introducing ::Isolation Sessions:: Volume I

April 19, 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we premiered our first of 23 weekly performance videos. Exactly one year later, we're releasing the Remixed and Mastered…

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New Music coming August 2019!

It's been awhile with no real updates on, BUT there's a lot of new music coming soon! James Hall & The Steady Wicked have a new album ready to go with even more surprises on the way. The first…

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Electric Hex

Available now! 

James introduces The Steady Wicked with his 4th album Electric Hex.


Deep Possession
Scary Music
Borrowed Soul
I Love You To Death
I Don't Scare Easy
Candy From A Cash Machine
Darkside of The…

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Talking Freedom With The Jailer

Available now!

James Hall's 3rd solo release "Talking Freedom With The Jailer" is a 9 song acoustic based Digital-Only record that captures the spirit and stripped down approach of the James Hall Duo (James Hall and Bruce Butkovich).…Read more

New EP by: the Futura Bold - This Is War


..and just like that, the Futura Bold present our new record:

This Is War.

Available as CD Digipak and Digital Download.

1. This Is War
2. Overthrown
3. Angels In A Noose
4. We Shoot Golden
5. Shallow Water…Read more